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Established in January, 2012, Lumiere Management (Ghana) Limited is a bilingual Consultancy firm located at Sunlight Street/ A-Lang, Santa Maria (EKMART PLAZA) near Santa Maria School Complex. We provide consultancy services in teaching (French), Recruitment, Business Consultancy and Bilingual Services (French/English, Translation, Interpretation, etc).


We aim to be the reference point in Training and Development in Ghana, satisfying the expectations of both clients and job seekers, providing effective, efficient and high quality services to our customers. We develop, motivate and hone the skills of clients’ employees to achieve their career goals.

For the achievement of this mission, our company is committed to:

Why Choose Us?

We believe that human development is the worthiest goal of civilization and independence because it creates the best conditions for nurturing growth in the capabilities of people. In view of this, we align ourselves to the following core values:



The vision of Lumière Management (Ghana) Limited is to become a well-established company in training, recruitment and development of personnel in Ghana. We aim at developing potential skills and talents in people.

"We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light”

- Mary Dunbar